How did my interest for coaching in mental training start?

Equipment: Exclusively Canon. Having been a photographer for so many years I started off with SLR cameras back in early 1980s and mainly used Nikon equipment, both cameras and lenses. My favourite used to be the Nikon F2AS and Nikon FM. I used to work with a couple of F2AS and an FM and FM2.

However I then went over to Canon to test their equipment and found it was just as reliable if not in my opinion more reliable and so I went over to Canon.

Brief History:

I have been around for over 30 years, starting off with freelance photography in London and continuing from there to branch out and find new areas of photography and filming to specialize in.

I have become a professional photographer of Bentleys and RR as well as other Luxury Cars.

I also travel to shoot resorts, historical buildings around the world, aerial photography and filming, News photography. Portraits.

Aerial Photography and filming.

I  started using drones when they were very rarely seen and over the years have become an expert aerial photographer and film maker.

I am always ready to take on new assignments covering new areas in land and aerial photography.

There are numerous things you can perform with all the research papers you find on the internet.